The goal of our rehabilitation department is simple, to get each resident back home! Our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapist work hard to create custom treatment plans for each resident that focus on regaining or improving the function and independence needed to return home.

The treatment each resident receives is specific to the needs of the resident. Some need more aggressive therapy while others need to take it slower, our team works to identify the needs and create a plan that works for the individual. Often times our staff will perform a home evaluation to ensure the treatment plan reflects the specific functions needed to be successful at home.

Sherwood is proud to partner with Dr. Nicolas Karvelas and ISS Rehab to offer our residents the oversight of a Physiatrist (Rehab Doctor). Our physiatrist provides innovative recommendations on physical, occupational, and speech therapy for diseases such as strokes, spasticity, dysphagia, cognitive retraining, pain management, and post-surgical care.