Bringing In Food For A Resident 

 If you plan to bring food into the facility for a resident, please be sure to follow these food safety suggestions. 

  • Food or beverages should be labeled and dated to monitor for food safety.
    • Food or beverages may be in the original containers marked with manufacturer expiration dates and unopened. 
  • Raw eggs or dishes made with raw eggs for consumption (i.e. eggnog, poached eggs) are not permitted. 
  • Foods or beverages that are past the manufacturer’s expiration date will be thrown away. 
  • Food or beverage items without a manufacturer’s expiration date will be dated upon arrival in the facility and thrown away two days after the date marked. 
  • Any suspicious or obviously contaminated food or beverages will be thrown away immediately. 

No food will be shared with other residents or staff unless approved by a nurse or Food & Nutrition Service Director. 

  • Prepared foods, beverages, or perishable foods must be consumed within two hours. The facility will not store, refrigerate or reheat food brought from the outside.  
  • Patient snacks will be subject to a shoe-box-sized storage limit to avoid trip hazards and clutter in resident rooms. Snacks in boxes beyond this storage limit will be refused.  
  • Any delivered food from outside food vendors, restaurants, etc. must be consumed within two hours of arrival to the facility. 
  • Any foods requiring refrigeration or freezing for storage will be refused or thrown away.  



This list is not all-inclusive and any items deemed unsafe, unpleasant, or disruptive to patient care will be removed by facility administration.  

  • Items of expensive value (greater than $100.00 USD in value) should not be brought into the facility and if they are brought in, they are done so at the residents’ express risk of loss and will not be covered under the facility’s theft and loss policy.
  • Cash should not be brought in or stored in the resident room, the Business Office Manager can assist with cash storage and trust fund management.
  • Cigarettes, lighters, flame-making material, cigarette-making material cannot be stored by a resident and must be turned into the nursing staff for safe storage. Any items found in a resident room of this nature will be confiscated.
  • Weapons of any kind, knives of any kind.
  • Marijuana and materials of any kind or substance.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Self-defense devices of any kind including pepper spray.
  • Glass containers.
  • Furniture, cots, etc.
  • Any suspicious items may be subject to search, inspection, and removal by facility personnel. 

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